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Role of Smell

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Smell and Health

I like smell and taste. So I've written stuff on smell and taste, including the basics but also the latest news, e.g. Smell - what & how, Role of smellFunction of pleasant smell,Theories of smellSmell & MoodSmell & DepressionTherapeutic use of smell, AnosmiaSmell trainingTasteHealthy smell (below), and these topics will be updated regularly. I don't deal with "alternative facts" so I try to give a reference to everything I report. There is also a smell NEWS section which reports on the latest stories in smell.

Healthy smell What is a "healthy" smell? Can smells influence health?
We will see that disease smells, dogs and humans can smell this, smell can be therapeutic, smell can cause anxiety, and curative herbs smell pleasant.
Lemon aroma in a doctor's waiting room resulted in fewer reported health symptoms (1). Lemon is associated with cleanliness and freshness and this aroma altered people's psychological state so they f…